Welcome to jsorm

What is jsorm

jsorm is a series of products and and services to simplify and enable Web 2.0 development. The products are Web 2.0 software development libraries, while the services are commercially available Web services and support services built around the features of the libraries.


  • Utilities: Library with many convenience functions, including Array extensions, Object extensions, class extension, ajax and other utilities. See the wiki entry for more detail. This library is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. Available for browser and nodejs.
  • i18n: Ajax-based internationalization for Web 2.0 applications, including timezones, calendars, properties packages for localization and currency formatting. This library is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. Available for browser and nodejs.
  • jsormdb: A fully-functional database in JavaScript, including transactions, queries and synchronization with remote data sources, e.g. on the server.
  • write-store: An extension to the excellent Ext JS toolkit to allow writing from Stores to the server and full transactions in a Store.
  • dyna-grid: An extension to the excellent Ext JS toolkit to create a dynamic grid, allowing for very large data sets without resorting to paging.
  • MultiTabs: An extension to the excellent Mootools toolkit to create tabs of content. These tabs can either appear/disappear or slide left/right (hence the "multi" in MultiTabs).


JSorm is also the home of the PayPal Virtual Terminal Swiper extension for Firefox. You can learn more about the extension on its wiki page.


jsorm offers three types of services: support, Web services and professional.

Support Services

Support services are commercially available support services to organizations that have purchased commercial licenses for some or all of the jsorm products. These are available on per-incident and annual subscription bases. For more information, please contact services@jsorm.com.

Web Services

Web services are commercially available implementations of the jsorm services, primarily the calendaring, timezone and currency formatting services of the jsorm i18n internationalization products. Rather than purchasing a commercial license, installing and implementing it in your Web application yourself, followed by ensuring that all the libraries and services are up to date, you can use our i18n-as-a-service. For more information, please see our i18n Web services page.

Professional Services

The jsorm team has developed deep and significant expertise in implementations, especially as related to timezones, calendaring, holidays, and internationalized presentation, across multiple languages and platforms. If you require architecture, implementation or troubleshooting, we have the experts for you. For more information, please contact services@jsorm.com.